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  • Eric Tremper

The Hidden Dangers of Pressure Washed Roofs

Though it my glisten like new, that pressure washing just took years off the life of your roof and very well just voided your warranty.

Asphalt shingles are the most common in our area. When you use a pressure washer to remove moss and debris from a roof, it also removes layers of coating which provide weather protection needed to maintain your roof and house.

Low pressure does note equal gentle

Many companies use a pressure washer to remove moss build up, dirt and stains from the roof. It is the fastest method to clean the roof, and that immediate satisfaction is hard to resist. Everywhere online will scream DON'T PRESSURE WASH YOUR ROOF! To combat this companies will say they use high volume, low pressure to clean the roof.

The pressure required to remove healthy moss is too much pressure for the roof. If you pick off some healthy moss with your fingers, flip it over, you will be looking at protective bits of your roof stuck to the bottom. If the pressure is strong enough to pry the moss off, it is strong enough to do damage.

When pressure washing is okay

There are times pressure washing can be the correct tool for other types of roofing. Tile and metal roofs can usually handle pressure washing, but not composite shingles.

If you can't or just won't wait, some companies are better than others at pressure washing roofs than others. The risk is going to be there, so do your homework.

How can I safely achieve a moss-free roof?

A clean and long-lasting roof merely requires some basic maintenance. By applying proper moss treatment annually, it not only takes care of existing moss, but prevents moss from growing. If it's been over a year since your last treatment, you are probably due. Feel free to contact us.

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13 de jun. de 2022

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